Our Mission

World for Christ Crusade, Inc. is a faith-based, charitable, non-profit, 501 (c) (3) organization which seeks to house the homeless, encourage Christians and share the Gospel of Jesus Christ, through housing, retreats, biblical teaching and foreign missions.

Article II of the World for Christ’s Constitution give the scope of our purpose:

The building up of the Kingdom of God by means of:

  1. World-wide evangelistic crusades.
  2. The distribution of Christian literature.
  3. The conducting of services for prayer, Bible Study, and Worship.
  4. Home and foreign missionary activity.
  5. The practice of home visitation, personal witnessing and ministering to the sick, poor and needy.

The engaging in works of benevolence by means of:

  1. Children’s Homes
  2. Welfare Work (the distribution of food & clothing to needy families).
  3. Social Work (counseling those that are grieving over lost loved ones).

World for Christ Crusade is completely inter-denominational in scope and character with a positive evangelistic program and holding fellowship with those of sound evangelical faith. We adhere to the Wesleyan doctrines of regeneration.