Missionary Outreach

Florida Missionary OutreachHere in balmy Florida, World for Christ purchased a tract of land to develop a community where Christians can come together, pray and read the Word of God together. The vision was to have missionaries that must come back and forth from the mission field to have a place to stay in a Christian environment.

Trailer lots were set up and some of the first missionaries moved in with their travel trailers. One couple held Spanish Services among the migrant workers each Sunday. Another couple held services among the Jamaican farm workers and had very good services. Many other missionaries have passed through World for Christ Community. Some from Haiti, some from other mission fields, and some that were attending the bible college that is one mile up the road, to study for the ministry.

Living facilities for out-going and in-coming missionaries were set up. While missionaries and ministers stay at the community, they are not idle, but continue to spread the Gospel with tracts, preaching, and using materials essential in soul.

Services are held at the migrant camps and nursing homes in the area. Counseling and personal witnessing is done at the missionary community or in the surrounding area whichever is preferred.