Mission Fields


Mission Field WorkWorld For Christ Crusade was incorporated in Andhra Pradesh, India in 1983. World For Christ Ministries is involved in getting national missionaries to work with us in Literature Evangelism, Bible College Training, and Church Planting.

Andhra Pradesh is the 4th largest state in India and it is divided into 23 Districts. There are 3 cities, 220 towns, and 30,000 villages. Andhra Pradish people speak the Telugu language. The first language being Hindi. The population of Andhra Pradish is nearly 70 to 80 million and out of which 2 million are Christian. Hindus make up 82.72%.

What is a National Missionary?

A National Missionary is a person who is working full-time in his own country to evangelize his own people. These are the ones that can reach their own people because they know the language and customs so well.

Why Have National Missionaries?

Most Asian Countries are closed to missionaries from the United States or at least restricted. Two-thirds of the people of the World who have never heard the Gospel live in these closed Countries. The average cost of supporting an American Missionary family is over $40,000. per year, however, the same funds can support many national missionaries. These nationals live at the level of the people they minister to and therefore, are respected.

How are National Missionaries Selected and Trained?

Nationals must submit a completed application form to the Headquarters Office. The applicants accepted at this point, will be visited and verified by an experienced field representative who will consult with other leaders who know the applicant.

Then they will get their training under the leadership of an older Christian Worker, through Seminar’s on the Bible, or attend Bible School.

Do national Missionaries Receive Any Evangelism Aids for Their Work?

World For Christ will provide such vital essentials as Gospel literature, Bibles, bicycles, films, tapes, as well as assisting in building village Churches if necessary.

How Can I Support a National Missionary?

Asia has one of the fastest growing bodies of believers in the world. Your partnership with a national missionary will affect thousands of lives each year and enable you to obey God’s commandment to help fulfill the Great Commission.