Bethel Ranch

Bethel Ranch HousingBethel Ranch, located in the beautiful scenic mountains of Northern New Jersey and less than one hour from the New York Metropolitan area, is a country half-way house for rest, recovery, and rehabilitation. A refuge, a peaceful haven, a jumping off place to a new life; a place of learning, living, loving, contributing, and assuming life’s responsibilities.

The Ranch, largely self sustaining, consists of 20 acres and a delightful spring-fed lake suitable for fishing and boating.

The Prayer Chapel is the focal point of the entrance into the grounds. The main house contains the executive offices and living quarters for the executive staff. Another building houses the kitchen and dining hall which is used to serve three well-balanced nutritional meals a day and used for special events.

Duke Hall houses the sleeping rooms, some private and some semi-private, the lounge, medication office, and managers office. The Annex building has more sleeping rooms, a recreation/TV room, and laundry facilities.

We welcome any man, eighteen and over, regardless of race, creed, or national origin who is in need of rest and recuperation, who does not need constant supervision, and who is able to care for his own basic needs. While the range of problems is widely varied, we find that those within the following categories can profit the most.

  • Persons suffering from bereavement, broken home, divorce, emotional shock of various kinds, depression following an operation or illness.
  • Persons needing respite from situations causing emotional and physical tension; needing support in breaking off detrimental habits; requiring time to make crucial decisions, or simply needing to learn how to get along in normal group settings.

The length of stay at Bethel Ranch varies according to the needs of each individual.

Bethel Ranch is an approved Community Residential Care Home by the Veterans Administration and is Licenced by the state of New Jersey as a Class “C” Boarding Home.


Bethel Ranch Dining HallReferrals may be made by the applicant himself or for him by his family, Doctor, Minister, close friend, or Social Worker.

Complete information on all applicant’s background and achievements is necessary to determine whether a stay at Bethel is likely to be of value.

Bethel Ranch is a faith ministry operated by the World for Christ Crusade, Inc., a non-profit, non-denominational missionary fellowship. Its sole support is the program fee paid by the resident, his family, or by contributions of interested friends.

Activities – Therapeutic Leisure

Our program is set up to immediately draw each person into the life of the community through the program of ‘daily living skills’. whether he enjoys gardening, carpentry, caring for animals, or working in the kitchen, the same purpose is served. He is functioning as an integral part of his society. Good mental health is not the automatic result of a passive state of rest and relaxation, but is rather the result of effort applied to small daily chores and of being exposed to the social stresses and strains of living with others.

The completion of each days work gives the resident a feeling of accomplishment and a sense of his own worth within the community. The ability to accept responsibilities and to handle human relationships gives the security needed to live a life that is more meaningful. We aim to involve the total person in a total program.

While the chores in the morning tests the resident’s ability to meet demands, the afternoon measures the resident’s ability to structure his own time and use his skills and interests. The afternoon activities are on a voluntary basis. Some of the residents have been interested in gardening, hiking, bird watching, fishing, or just going to town. Other activities available to the residents are a fishing pond, trails for hiking and bird watching, a daily bus to town, and a recreation room with reading materials, games, and a pool table.